Creating a “Investment in Me” Account

September 16, 2013

Today I created a saving account dedicated to “Investing in Me”.

I’ve heard about a similar concept from many sources before but what solidified it for me was reading a blog post written by Neville Medhora.

How Much Time and Money Do You Spend On You?

I’ve realized over the years that people love to SAY they invest in themselves, that they spend time each day towards personal development and growth, but that when push comes to shove, Netflix often wins over a good book.  Hey, I’m guilty of this regularly, especially after a hard fucking workout.

I pride myself in my habits of personal growth.  I try hard to be consistent.  I know I’ll fail on some days and hit my daily goals on others but I’m long-term oriented and growth focused.

Yet I’ve found myself hesitating to spend money on myself for personal growth.  Books, sure.  But dropping $500 bucks to go to a conference I want to go to?  I’m more likely to try to find a cheaper alternative, even if I were to receive 2x the value of that conference in life lessons, emotional growth, relationship development, networking, whatever.

Spending money is scary for some of us, myself included.  Yet think about how often you spend money on frivolous bullshit: energy drinks, expensive teaware, going out to lunch by myself are some personal examples.

So I’m comfortable spending $10-30 bucks everyday here and there for stuff I really don’t need, yet I’m terrified to spend $500 bucks once every quarter on something that will dramatically improve my sense of self.

That don’t make no sense, kids.

My “Investment in Me” Savings Account

I just opened a free savings account inside my BoA parent account dedicated to saving money for investing in me.

I’m my own biggest asset.  My dedication and growth have caused my financial and .. temporal freedom (is there a better way to say “free time”?).  So why not save some of that money to grow that asset: me.  Why not invest in my ability to get better at creating more money and more time for myself.

So I have.  I took 30% of my available savings and put them into this account.  It was a lot more cash than I imagined, frankly.

And now I get to brainstorm where to put this cash.  Kinda exciting!

Why Not Just Spend 30% of My Cash On Me?

I get it, it’s all just the same right?  Why would you open a new account just to put cash in it that you already had when you could just spend that 30% from your main account?

Because this action alone creates the emotional freedom to separate my savings from my ME-fund.  I have dissolved my guilt.

Now I have the freedom from guilt to really brainstorm what to do with this allotted cash.  What stuff can I sign up for to grow?  What events can I attend?  What flights do I need to buy to shadow a mentor?

We create our own cloud of doubt and guilt about spending cash.  I’ve lifted that cloud.

And I’m excited to plan something fun and fulfilling to go do!


Do you have a ME-fund?  Do you have a separate account that saves cash just for your personal growth?  Do you block out TIME for your personal growth everyday?  How much do you save for YOU in time and money?

Let me know in the comments below!


-Denny Chapin